Are you Social Distancing? Working from home? There are many online applications to video conference with people and stay in touch. I have used ZOOM for work conferencing for over a year. Below are some useful tips for video calls.

Video Calls: How to not look like an idiot

Appearance: Make sure you have good lighting, keep the angle at eye-level or slightly higher, and have a professional background. It might be time to take down the “Saturdays are for the boys” poster, anyways.

Etiquette: Be mindful of where you’re looking when you’re lost in thought or talking. Mute yourself when you’re in large meetings, but don’t when you’re in small brainstorms. Call in from a quiet place and keep everything you need close by so you don’t need to leave the screen.

  • Write talking points and reminders on Post-It notes attached to your screen.
  • Quit out of any apps you won’t be using prior to the meeting.

Backgrounds: Try these fun ones for Zoom.

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