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Today is National Plan Your Vacation day. I read that on average, people in the US take 17 vacation days annually. I know that in other countries, people have more generous paid time off policies and travel a lot more. That pesky Puritan work ethic, along with the economy keeps people from traveling. I have no idea how much the recent government shutdown will affect the travel industry. When people can’t pay their rent or buy food, the last thing on their mind is planning a vacation. 800,00o people is more than the entire population of Wyoming. Yet it is less than one third of 1 percent of the population of the USA.

There are many places that I would love to travel to. Italy is one of them.  think that the travel channel or HGTV or some other television series should film my husband and I exploring world vacation spots. Or some tour company, or cruise company. Wouldn’t that be fun?

There is value in imagining yourself exploring a different culture. It takes your mind off of the January blues. SAD is a thing. Lack of sunlight, cold winter days, and social isolation can all lead to very long winters. The wind, the endless howling, whining, wind, really bothers me. Inversion layers, where we are socked in with fog is also depressing. It is a bluebird day here today, cold with no wind. I am always thankful for blue skies and sunshine. Which leads me to Italy…

An internet search revealed many tour companies. I know several people that like to travel on group tours. They have the advantage of a low stress vacation because a company is taking care of meals, hotels, and itinerary. You can choose the activity level based on your physical abilities and desire. There are a variety of price points, depending on your budget. We have discussed a vacation home rental instead, designing our own itinerary. An in between option would be a My Way Rick Steve’s tour. You can watch a short video from his site.

The My Way tour: Your Italy vacation starts by following a route that connects Italy’s must-see sights — from Venice to Lake Como, the Cinque Terre, Florence, Assisi, and Rome. Rick Steves’ money-saving My Way vacation package gives you the freedom to decide your own daily sightseeing priorities and pace. We cut the stress by providing comfortable rooms in centrally located hotels, private bus transportation from city to city, and an Italy-savvy tour manager to advise you along the way. Join us for My Way®: Italy in 13 Days!

No, I don’t get any money for promoting his tour. I am enjoying planning a vacation and this one sounds appealing. Really, we could spend three weeks in Rome and still not see everything we wanted to see.

The Italian photo’s are all downloaded from the internet. Enjoy.

Where would you go if you could go anywhere in the world with money being no object?

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