Throwback Thursday Photo

Going to Yellowstone Park, 1930.

I am fortunate to have my parent’s photo albums, from which I am selectively sharing photos. I am thankful that I wrote both of my parent’s biographies with them. My Dad would be 95 in September if he were still alive. Their memories of growing up in Wyoming are preserved for family members. Within the past 6 months I have reconnected with cousins that I haven’t been in touch with for decades, thanks to social media.  I considered writing a blog entitled “Margaret, Unleashed.”  Wandering thoughts and writing fit  the Wyoming Wanderer theme, as well as travel and photography. It is is a fun venture to embark upon.

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Bison Video

Bison Roar

Feel the energy in the air. Turn up the volume to hear these amazing creatures.

Posted by Jackson Hole Mountain Resort on Sunday, August 20, 2017

Mammal of Wyoming

Wyoming designated the American buffalo as official state mammal in 1985. The American buffalo (more correctly called bison) is also a state symbol of Kansas and Oklahoma, and as of May 9, 2016, the official national mammal of the USA. All State Mammals

Bison Facts

A bull bison can weigh over 1800 pounds and stand 6 foot tall at the shoulder. Bison once roamed the American prairie by the tens of millions and provided a way of life for native Americans of the Great Plains. But European settlers hunted the American buffalo to the brink of extinction – it’s estimated that between 300 – 500 animals remained when the federal government passed stricter game laws in 1889.

The American buffalo (Bison bison) is an inseparable part of American history; no other wild animal has played such a significant role in human affairs. The tribes of the American plains relied on bison for food, shelter, clothing, and as a powerful spiritual symbol.



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The Eclipse is tomorrow. As most of you are probably aware, 9 Wyoming Counties are in the path of totality. Jackson Hole has been preparing for two years. All Wyoming state and federal governmental departments have worked together to provide a safe experience for travelers to our great state. Businesses have looked to capitalize on the influx of tourists,  from t-shirts to sunglasses, to arranging special concerts and events. The Ten Sleep Brewery brewed an Eclipse Beer. So far, so good, with no extraordinary issues across the state reported. Enjoy the eclipse! We are staying home. The county I live in is …

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