Meeteetse, Wyoming

Annual Labor Day Celebrations are underway in Meeteetse. Best known now as home as the black footed ferret, Meeteetse was best known in the early 1900’s as home of the Pitchfork Ranch. Photographer Charles J. Belden and Conrad Swhwiering,  a disciple of Jackson Pollack, who came from Cody, Wyoming. They were all famous Western artists back in the day.

We visited the Meeteetse Museum, which was interesting, as well as taking in a local craft fair followed by lunch at a local bar and grill. We followed up our local excursion with jaunt to Sunshine Reservoir, both upper and lower. The cover photo is of lower Sunshine.

Today and tomorrow the labor day celebrations continue. Monday is the ranch rodeo. Local photographers descend annually to photograph events. We have a wealth of talented local artists. I was quite tempted by an original oil painting, a -16 by 20 on stretched canvas, only $100.00. We have a Minnesota trip pending, and I decided to look for any new artwork on our trip. I usually buy myself jewelry on vacation, as a token of remembrance, but I might look at artwork this time. i have a lot of jewelry and now that I work from home, rarely wear any of it. I also seriously considered hand-quilted baby quilts backed with flannel, but I have no grandchildren yet and didn’t want to store them. I ended up buying two quilted pot holders to give with Christmas gifts, although I will probably end up keeping the snowman one for myself.

I hope that you are all enjoying the last hurrah of summer, the final three day weekend until November. The nights are chilly now, in the 40’s, although the days are in the 80’s still. It’s time to bring in the final produce from gardens, harvest apples, can and freeze to prepare for winter. Soon the canals will be empty and the sprinklers turned off. The leaves are already beginning to yellow on the cottonwoods and aspens. I am not quite ready to make the fall/winter clothing switch, although I am already wearing shawls and covering my legs with lap blankets in the evening and early morning. We will be raking leaves before we know it! I am going to devote the rest of the day to processing apples from our tree. The applesauce is already made and in the freezer. Today I will make apple chips and maybe fruit leather, and slice and freeze the rest so we can have homemade apple crumble and apple pie the rest of the winter. Peaches are canned, beets are pickled and canned, and My freezers are full of zucchini bread and grated zucchini for muffins with caramel frosting later in the winter.

Consider planning a short side trip to Meeteetse. It’s a beautiful setting and not too far from Cody. It’s only 82 miles from Yellowstone. I finally stopped at the Meeteetse Chocolatier.  I considered buying some of his unique chocolate creations, but wasn’t in the mood for chocolate. Cowtown Candy in Cody and Brandi’s candies in Greybull both have a lot bigger and more appealing (to me)  selection. The ambiance of both of those stores is certainly better. I told my husband that I thought he was mostly selling online, and marketing himself, rather than the actual chocolate confections he designs. Each to their own.

Lower Sunshine Reservoir, Park County, Wyoming
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