The Eclipse is tomorrow. As most of you are probably aware, 9 Wyoming Counties are in the path of totality. Jackson Hole has been preparing for two years. All Wyoming state and federal governmental departments have worked together to provide a safe experience for travelers to our great state. Businesses have looked to capitalize on the influx of tourists,  from t-shirts to sunglasses, to arranging special concerts and events. The Ten Sleep Brewery brewed an Eclipse Beer. So far, so good, with no extraordinary issues across the state reported. Enjoy the eclipse!

We are staying home. The county I live in is not in the path of totality. The local library is having an event and handing out sunglasses, as most libraries are statewide.

My nephew is visiting from the DC metro area. He came to see the eclipse and is traveling to back to Denver Monday to fly home.  He will be stopping about halfway from here to Denver to view the two hour event.  It is fun to entertain family and friends.

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