Goal Setting

2019 is just around the corner. So often people make lofty resolutions for the New Year. This year, instead of making resolutions and then beating yourself up when you don’t follow through, try setting a few goals. They can be broad, or specific. You don’t have to know how you are going to get from point A to point Z in 2019. All you have to do is know how you will achieve progress moving from A to B in one day. Let me list a few examples.

Say you want to lose weight and get in shape, a perennial resolution for many people. State your goal as “I am going to take better care of myself in 2019.” They ask yourself how you intend to do that.

I am going to be more conscious of what I put into my body (food, beverages, and anything else you ingest). That’s a lot more doable than vowing to lose 20 pounds by following the Keto diet, or any other diet for that matter. It might help to keep a food journal. People who do are often shocked at the not conscious snacking that they do while watching television or playing computer games or reading. You don’t even have to list the calorie count, just write down a handful of chips, or whatever. After a week read over it and decide what changes you want to make to take better care of yourself. You are worth it!

I am going to go for a walk for 20 minutes five days a week. When I do go for a walk, I am going to congratulate myself. That feedback is important to encourage yourself to walk daily.

Getting out in nature cures a multitude of issues, from depression to weight loss. Exercise alone is not going to make anyone thin. It’s a matter of calories in, calories out. Sitting is the new enemy though. So many of our jobs are on the computer and people don’t get up and move their bodies. Go outside, rain, snow, sleet, or hail, and get some vitamin D (sunshine), smell the air, hear the birds, and move your body. It’s free and you can walk anywhere, anytime you have a few free minutes. You can join a gym, buy a home treadmill, get exercise or yoga DVD’s, take a dance class, whatever strikes your fancy. In addition to any of those options, go for a 20 minute walk outside. Then congratulation yourself.

Or maybe your goal is to improve your finances.  You could update your resume, apply for new jobs, or a job. You may have to look at other options as well. If you don’t have enough money to pay your bills every month you are going to need to either a) look at your expenses and make some cuts, or b) pick up freelance work or work a  part-time job. It sucks. Money doesn’t buy you love and it doesn’t bring happiness, but it sure makes life easier and less stressful if you aren’t worried about putting food on the table or paying rent or having health insurance. Get whatever government assistance is available to you, if any. Become an Uber driver, rent out a room on Airbnb, sell the 80% of your possessions that you own that you don’t ever use. Ask family members for help, start a Gofundme account, take in a roommate, become a dog walker.  It’s a tough, tough economy. I’m sorry. If your goal is to improve your finances, you are going to have to hustle, no way around it.

In 2019 I will write a book. Books aren’t written in a day. They begin with the first word on a blank page, then you write a sentence, then a paragraph, then a page. If you write even one page every day you will have a 365 page book written by the end of the year. The work begins after you have written the book. Editing, second draft, submitting to editors, publishers, marketing. Writing the book is the easy part. Yes, I speak from experience. I’ve written several. None have been picked up by agents. I did give up on sending them out. There are those that advise to never give up. Mine have been edited, are completed, and they sit drawing electronic clutter, unread, on my computer. It’s possible that I will write query letters again and submit them again. Anything is possible.

When I started this blog my intent was to write a minimum of twice a week. Now I am down to once a month. There are those that say that we are each our own enemies because we don’t follow through with our intentions.  Those that say that just might have a valid point! I don’t beat myself up for not writing twice a week, and I do congratulate myself when I do write. My intention today was actually to write about the winter of 1949, which was brutal in Wyoming, and share some family photo’s in conjunction with Wyoming Through The Lens on Facebook. But when I started to write this post, goal setting is what I wanted to write about. And I wrote it. Yay me!

I have family members whose goal for 2019 is to take better care of themselves. I have a sister whose goal is to use all of her PTO this year and travel. My son’s goal is to find a job that uses his master’s degree in engineering. My goal is to have a lot more fun in 2019. I don’t know how I am going to do that, or what I am  going to do. I just know that I am not getting any younger and life is too short and precious to not enjoy it as much as possible. I don’t even have a fuzzy idea of point A to Z. I have a clear picture of A to B though. I am going to walk 20 minutes a day, be conscious of what I ingest, and play the piano more. I am going to buy bare root roses, take more photo’s, and write more. I do love to write.

Happy 2019!

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