10 Things I Love About Summer

Below are 10 things I love about Summer.  What is your favorite thing about summer?

  1.  Escaping the 101 degree heat up on the mountain.
  2.  Farmers Markets. The variety of organic fruit and vegetables along with the home-made items for sale are a treat for the senses.
  3.  Fireworks. We didn’t see live fireworks this fourth of July. We watched them on television. I took this photo two summers ago in Colorado.
  4. Live music. Garage bands and street performers abound at various summer festivals everywhere.
  5. Travel. We travel more due to the longer days and better weather.
  6. Hosting Guests. My sister came from Wisconsin for a couple of days and we have an international traveler coming tomorrow.
  7. Swimming Pools and Splash Pads. I hear the kids at the outside pool every afternoon and Saturday we went to Ten Sleep where the kids were having a marvelous time at the splash pad. I am at the stage of my life where soaking in a hot tub is what I prefer when I go to the pool. I do enjoy hearing the kids splash and play though.
  8. Flowers. I spent a lot time tending my flower gardens. A wise man once told me I should not toil, but tend. It’s a huge difference. I enjoy having fresh flowers from my gardens inside for about five months.
  9. Visiting with friends. I guess because we are outside more we see the neighbors more. It’s fun to get together spontaneously.
  10. Bright summer clothes. Coral, turquoise, lime green and other vivid colors are a relief from winter greys and blacks. Everything is brighter in the summer?


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